Monday, 15 August 2011

18th is round the corner...

Clearing is getting busier, the callers have more of urgency, and my life is getting hectic. University of Greenwich applications have risen 20%, so many courses are already full or going on the waiting list, but the number of calls won’t be different on the 18th when A-level and BTEC results come out! In fact, we anticipate even more phone calls, therefore the new additions to the Enquiry Unit will arrive next week, and I am anticipating many nerves. I remember trying to digest so much information in time to confront the nonstop phone calls. Today, I will be doing a presentation to them about my experiences as a Clearing applicant – I would not be at Greenwich if I didn’t go through Clearing! I remember exactly how it felt. Panic. Prayers.
The 18th is round the corner, and I need to save as much oxygen as possible – and patience, and professionalism, people really do get stressed during Clearing. This is very understandable as I was the same.

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