Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Big Day Is Upon Us

The members of the Enquiry Team have good reason to keep the adrenaline flowing, it’s just one day to A level results!!!!

I know many people are anxious about whether or not they will meet their conditional offers, but for others the results will directly determine if they get into University this year. It is likely most of the places will be snatched up soon and you better get your dialling fingers out so you can call us to take your application as soon as you’ve got confirmation. This year’s Clearing will be very competitive as Greenwich University has seen an overall 20% increase in applications and countless will be left disappointed if they are not prepared. The popular Business, Teaching and Health courses are the ones to watch as many people are interested in these more ‘traditional’ programmes.

Here at Greenwich, we recognise the need to support our prospective students and we have a number of dedicated staff in the Queen Mary building on the Greenwich campus present to assist with transcripts and queries. The Clearing reception team, of which I am a part, eagerly wait to serve you, just ask for Dan, Tony, Blaze or Monique. Every day we assist students with UCAS registration, application progress, fee information and a host of other things. As an extension of the Enquiry Unit we are also able to take Clearing applications from you in person as long as you have a UCAS profile with all your level 2 and 3 qualifications.

We also welcome our new extended family of the Clearing team who are being prepared to handle all the calls and queries so we don’t miss a beat. We know there will be many calls so we have  more staff on hand to ensure you won’t need to call a hundred times to speak to someone.

In case you think we aren’t helping you enough, do let us know so we can serve you better. We have a feedback box in the Queen Mary building so do stop by to use it or drop us an email so we can address your concerns.

I got a feeling, that this Clearing will be a great one for us all!

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