Friday, 12 August 2011

Clearings First Hurdle!

So we reach the end of another week in early Clearing and it marks a big step for us as we go into next week and up to the A Level results day! As you can see from the other blogs you now should be ready to take on Clearing armed with all the tips, hints and information we can give. Unfortunately, despite all our hard work, we have a hit a big obstacle. Since this Wednesday UCAS has been having a few problems and in order to get it fixed for A-level results day its service has been reduced. This means that you can call up for an assessment of your qualifications but we can’t take an application for you until 15th August. It also must be noted that while we can assess your qualifications we can’t guarantee you a place then and there so you still need to call up on the 15th to make your application.
Also if you were one of the lucky people to get an offer on Wednesday onwards, as UCAS is down, you will be able to refer yourselves on UCAS Track until the 18th August midnight.
On another note we in the Enquiry Unit have been working hard in preparation for our new team members. As Clearing is such a large task we have recruited in a few extra people to cope with all the calls we get on 18th August.
For all those that have been given an offer here are a few websites you might find useful.
For those that have not yet heard, we have a dedicated team of bloggers which provide a unique insight into student lives, this is available at:
If you are still looking at accommodation remember the deadline will be 19th August at 5pm and afterwards you will be put on a waiting list for accommodation but no matter what, our accommodation office will always be there to help. If you don’t have the time to see the accommodation you could also have a look via our virtual tour at:
Or come to our Open Day on 20th August at Greenwich, Avery Hill and Medway!
We obviously have our main website at:  
But we also have our Student Union websites (we have two Student Unions) which are also worth checking out to find out about the amazing Freshers week we will be having. This year our Freshers fair will be on 20th September at Avery Hill and 22nd September at Greenwich and finally Medway will have a fair for sports on 21st September and a fair for societies on 22nd September. This is the main opportunity to sign up to societies (and also sports but their joining fees vary) and most societies will charge an annual fee of £2 or £5 to join and it’s a great chance to make new friends. So put these dates in your calendar!

The SUUG (Student Union of University of Greenwich) is there for students at Avery Hill and Greenwich and there website is:
The UMSA (Universities at Medway Students’ Association) is there for students at the Medway campus and there website is:

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