Monday, 1 August 2011

The common "setbacks" to avoid!!!

Hi everyone!
Our current team of clearing bloggers have put in so much valuable information on this page just about clearing itself... they have mentioned all the necessary info for you to take in! What shall I talk about then? Erm... here we go...
Just for your information... I did not apply through UCAS Clearing myself but I was a main cycle applicant back in 2008 (so many changes!). I will only give you general advice which you may find very useful. This blog itself will highlight the two major problems applicants face when they apply through clearing.
Going through the clearing application process can be enjoyable for some and vice versa. But from what I have gathered, from working in the Enquiry Unit and from my own experience, there are problems that arise on a constant basis throughout the clearing period. Nearly all clearing applicants are likely to panic on A Level results day and phone in to us to make applications in a desperate attempt to secure a place for any course. That is not the way forward people, because it may backfire on you one way or another. 
Think about calling us the day after A Level results day... just to get your head around things (you may not agree with me!). Obviously... the more time you take = the lower the availability of courses. I would also mention that it may be a good idea to come up with a plan and follow a guideline of what you want to do but then again don't wait too long because you might be left with little choices in future!
The other problem involves unsuccessful applications. When you’ve been made unsuccessful for a place at University, it is hard to comprehend. It isn't a nice feeling at all. The majority of applicants believe that it is over for them... this is not true at all!!! My advice is to consider taking a year out to re-take the exams you have failed in or you might even want to consider applying for an apprenticeship.
I hope this helps! Good luck with your results and your application for University!!!

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