Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Registration and Induction

The Clearing period is slowly but surely winding down now with the majority of courses declaring that they are completely full thanks to all the students that have called in during the past few weeks. Throughout Clearing I’ve have a number of phone calls from students who were tearing their hair out calling up universities trying to get a place for this year..... and let me tell you there’s nothing lovelier than being able to give somebody a place over the phone that genuinely thought they wouldn’t be attending any university for this academic year.
Despite the fact that the courses now available through Clearing is limited, it’s not the be all and end all, there are still plenty of options for you, for example you could continue your studies ensuring that you will definitely gain a place for next year by adding more to your qualifications. We also have a number of foundation degrees and HND/HNC’s available at our partner colleges that not many students are aware of which actually count towards an honours degree. By completing a foundation degree or HND          you are eligible to go onto the third year of the actual honours degree. Another great idea to fill up the year if you didn’t gain a place would be to build up your CV by gaining experience either by volunteering or by embarking on work experience within the field you wish to study. Another option would be spending the year working so as to save money for when you become a student (as we’ve all heard how tough it is moneywise when studying) .
If you have been successful in obtaining a Clearing place for this year...congratulations it has been the toughest year so far. Now the hard parts over all you need to think about now is the year to come, the best way to start off is by attending your induction week, not only for registration purposes it is a valued chance to meet and greet the academics who will be teaching you over the next coming years, it is also an excellent opportunity to get to know your peers. Another key date to set  aside is the fresher’s  fayre, its aim to get you involved in as many university schemes and organisations as possible to make you get the most out of your time here, ranging from cheerleading to rowing, covering a range of societies ready to welcome new members (it’s also a pretty good place to get hold of free goods that are believed to be “essentials” for the student).    
Before this though make sure you’ve got all your registration necessities at the ready so the registration process is as smooth as possible for you!!!

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