Thursday, 4 August 2011

That rings a bell...

Wow, Clearing is going like a train. It goes fast and smoothly, However, every day there are some changes regarding Clearing rules and regulations. At the moment courses are closing very fast and there are a lot of courses which only take applications for waiting lists.
I must say that I very much appreciate the phone calls from our enquirers. I’ve had a few angry callers, but if I do get one, I always try to calm them down. I imagine myself in their position and I want to fight for them and find them the appropriate course.
Last Monday, my colleague got an applicant on the phone who wanted to speak to me. I recognised her name and voice and she was like ‘Hey Remco. How are you!?’ The reason for her phone call was to say thanks, because she said that I helped her to get into university. I was very pleased for her and loved the fact that she called us, just to thank me... but I believe it is part of my job to be helpful. I always pretend I am sitting at the other side of the phone and I want to get help too.
Luckily we get funny phone calls as well... very inappropriate, but funny. Last time somebody pranked us and said: ‘I want to apply for a course.’ “Which course may that be?”  ‘The course of love!’

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