Monday, 19 September 2011

Clearing 2011 now closed

So, finally it’s all over. Clearing at the University of Greenwich has now officially closed as we have filled up all our places for this September. For those of you who have managed to get a place at the university, Congratulations! I hope you got into the programme of your choice and have a great experience studying at the University.

For those that were unfortunately unsuccessful in getting a place with us, perhaps you might consider applying to one of our partner colleges. They may still have places on some courses. If you would like their phone numbers call us in the Enquiry Unit on 0208 331 9000 and we will point you in the right direction.

If you are still keen on coming to Greenwich this year, you might also consider applying for a part-time programme. It’s not too late to apply as we are still taking applications for some programmes (again call us to find out more). The applications for them do not even need to go through UCAS as you would apply directly to us through our website.  If you get confused call us and we should be able to get you through any problems with that.

For those who have decided that they will not be going to university this year, you may want to apply to start next year. It would be best if you made this application NOW rather than wait until Clearing 2012. If this current application cycle is any indication, next will be pretty busy. The UCAS deadline for September 2012 will be 15 January 2012 so get your applications in early to avoid disappointment as a lot of courses (especially Teaching, Paramedic, Midwifery and Nursing programmes) do fill up really quickly. You will find all the important dates in the UCAS cycle @
In closing I would like to wish all of you the best of luck with whatever it is you have decided to do, whether you are starting a new course at university for the first time, a continuing student or have decided that university life is not for you (this year at least ...) Take it from my personal experience ... you will be back!!

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